Support for Títeres Desde Abajo

The puppets troupe D-Mentes want to express our solidarity with the members of Títeres Desde Abajo (Puppets From Below) and our outrage about their arrest and imprisonment.

During the tour of the show “ACAP …? (All Citizens Are Puppets..?) our troupe happened to live a very similar situation, also hired by a city council that did not even bother to read the synopsis of our work but deduced, as it was a puppet show, this was aimed to children. We were not reported to the police, Títeres Desde Abajo have not been so lucky. That’s why we feel especially close to them right now. And because we consider them victims of times that want to return, ignorance and abuse of power by those who are always ready to criminalize uncomfortable opinion and free art, under any pretext. As a bitter self-fulfilling prophecy, victims of the same facts they denounce in their play.

WE ACCUSE the City Council of Madrid, which was not competent in the function of classifying the show, a task that required only a click on the Títeres Desde Abajo‘s site.

WE ACCUSE the City Council of Madrid, coward in their reaction, yielding quickly to media pressure and feeding the well known gap between representatives and represented.

WE ACCUSE parents applauding at tolerance festivals at school but incompetent to know about the shows to which they expose their children. Those who, instead of recognizing their mistake, choose to shout CENSORSHIP! and send two people and all their work to prison.

WE ACCUSE those who have disseminated false or manipulated information, and especially those who, again, are using the situation to politically attack the current City Council of Madrid.

WE ACCUSE those who manufacture the legal framework that protects these increasingly common situations. The drift towards repression of the Spanish legislation was precisely what we denounced in our show, and we now watch with sadness we had reason enough when we did.

WE ACCUSE those who attack free art and independent culture.

WE DENOUNCE that freedom of speech is being repressed by taking out of context a tiny part of the play to censor it, for its content is clearly political, is critical with the state, capitalism and political repression. Opinions that are legitimate and necessary, both for those who defend them and those who do not. The power does not stop, it has to be stopped.